Our ultimate goal is to raise money to find the cures and end breast cancer. All of the resources on this page can help you do that. Need additional fundraising advice or support? Contact a coach.

Fundraising Handbook
Sample Fundraising Letters
Sample Social Media Posts

Participant Center How-To Videos
Donations 101
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Fundraising Ideas Library
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Susan G. Komen® tool kit (with printable breast cancer facts and breast health information)
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Sample Posts for Social Media
Fundraising Handbook

Holiday Card Inserts - Walkers
Holiday Card Inserts - Crew
101 Fundraising Ideas
$2300 in 1 month
$2300 in 2 months
$750 in 2 months - Young Women Walking
Participant Center How-To Guide
Breast Self-Awareness Card
Why We Walk 
Tribute Cards
Business Cards - Walkers
Business Cards - Crew
Business Cards - Young Women Walking
Poster - Walkers
Poster - Crew
Poster - Young Women Walking
Poster - Supporters
Customizable Brochure
Customizable Brochure - Young Women Walking
"Journey to the Goal" milestone tracker 
"Journey to the Goal" milestone tracker - Young Women Walking
Hometown Press Release
"I Walk Because" sign
Donor Thank You sign 

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Sample Fundraising Letters
From a First-Time Walker, version 1
From a First-Time Walker, version 2
From a Repeat Walker, version 1
From a Repeat Walker, version 2
From a Team Member
From a Crew Member
From a Student
From Young Women Walking
To a Business/Organization
To a Business/Organization, version 2
Follow-up Letter
Thank You Letter: First-Time Walker
Thank You Letter: Repeat Walker
Thank You Letter: After the Event
Thank You Letter: Team Member
Thank You Letter: Crew Member
Thank You Letter: Young Women Walking
Click below for printable versions of all of these letters:
Walker Letters
/ Crew Letters
Sample Posts for Social Media

The fundraising logos we provide are for the appropriate personal use of Susan G. Komen 3-Day® participants only. They may not be used on any merchandise meant for sale. Examples of appropriate uses of these logos are: on your personal website or social networking page, in fundraising letters or emails, on T-shirts or banners for your personal use or for your team. You may not use any other official logos or marks of the Komen 3-Day or Susan G. Komen®, including the Susan G. Komen "Running Ribbon." Please read the FAQ for all fundraising protocol and restrictions.

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