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Belinda C. 12-time walker, 11-year survivor.


Do it for your mom, your sister, your father. Do it for your friends, son, daughter, grandma. Do it for you.

Two Ways to Participate in 2021

3-Day Nation
This year we’re making the 3-Day family bigger than ever. We’re taking the Pink Bubble nationwide. In cities big and small, in neighborhoods and backyards. We’ll raise more funds to save lives, honor our survivors and remember why we committed to the 3-Day in the first place.

3-Day Nation will be a new kind of 3-Day for everyone - one that is accessible to more people, with new ways to participate in local groups or teams, or as a single walker, knowing you’re never walking alone, connected to the larger 3-Day community through new experiences, new challenges, and new channels. We’ll use this unique opportunity to unite across the many communities we’ve walked through to build a stronger, bigger, and even more powerful 3-Day for years to come. With a fundraising minimum of $1,000, you can invite more people to join you in the Pink Bubble—friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers!

Over the course of three weeks, from October 2-17, we’ll walk. We’ll connect. We’ll fundraise. You’ll get an event kit to support and celebrate your journey and your commitment so that you can create your own 3-Day the way you want to experience it. We’ll be sure to include your favorite elements of the Pink Bubble and we will have some innovative ways to engage beyond your basic Zoom. We’ll make sure you're connected to the community and have the opportunity to join others in person. The experience will provide you with all of the impact and inspiration you expect from the traditional 3-Day. Our promise to you? You will be embraced, celebrated, and cared for the “3-Day way.”

San Diego 3-Day
Join us in San Diego from November 19-21. The San Diego 3-Day is one of a kind! Walking 60 miles through San Diego’s cool surfside neighborhoods is only matched by the spirit and gratitude of the communities you encounter and those you are helping along the way. You’ll walk along the Pacific Coast Highway and will be wowed by the beauty of Del Mar, Torrey Pines and Mission Bay as you enjoy ocean views and palm tree-dotted skies. Register today!