Matching Gifts

Help a 3-Day participant meet his/her fundraising minimum by doubling your donation! Just enter your company’s name below to find out if your employer offers a matching gifts program.

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Tips on Applying for a Matching Gift

If you are planning to apply for a matching gift, the preferred way to donate is by making an online donation via the 3-Day website. There is an option on the online donation page to choose “I would like more information about how to apply for a matching donation”. Please choose this option and enter the name of the company expected to match the gift. This information makes it easier to match your donation to the corporate match and post it to the correct participant’s 3-Day fundraising account.

When applying for your gift to be matched, you will be required to choose a recipient organization. Please choose the Susan G. Komen 3-Day (with the recipient address of P.O. Box 660843, Dallas, TX 75266-0843). If the 3-Day isn’t listed, you will be required to choose the parent organization. Please choose Susan G. Komen (with the recipient address of 13770 Noel Rd, Ste 801889 Dallas, TX, 75380). If a designation field is available, please note the 3-Day, the participant’s name, Participant ID # and 3-Day event city. For example: 3-Day, Clare Keating, 1234567, San Diego 3-Day.

Each company has a different timeline for distributing funds to the recipient organization. We ask that our 3-Day participants allow 4-6 weeks for the matching gift to post to their 3-Day fundraising account; however, this timeline can vary by company. For example, if the company uses CyberGrants to manage their matching gift program, the matching gift will post in 4 weeks or less. If the company uses YourCause, the match will take 6+ weeks to post. If the company uses Benevity the match will post 45 days after the month in which it was applied for (for example, if the donor donated in April we would expect the match to post in early June.)

If you have a question about processing a matching gift, visit our Matching Gifts FAQ. If you still need help, call 800-996-3DAY. We thank all the companies who provide matching gifts to support the 3-Day.