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Your friend or family member has participated in a challenging 60-mile journey and a life-changing experience in just three days. Now, it’s time to go back home. Here are some tips on how to help your walker or crew member make a smooth transition back to their daily routine.

  • Have a welcome home meal prepared and make it an evening of rest and relaxation.
  • Encourage them to share the Susan G. Komen 3-Day experience.
  • Unpack, clean and put away gear.
  • Share the stories you’ve seen on social media, newspaper articles or news footage that you’ve collected over the weekend.
  • Treat them to a massage, a pedicure or schedule a day of pampering at a spa.
  • In the days to come, help them write thank you notes.
  • Print pictures and assemble a scrapbook or online photo album.
  • Get ready to do it all over again! Maybe you’ll be joining the Komen 3-Day next year! Click here to register.
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