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The Susan G. Komen 3‑Day® is kicking off training season with a brand-new resource to help you prepare to dance your way through the finish line at the 3‑Day!

Thanks to the support of Amgen and working in partnership with American Bone Health, we are excited to provide you with a special new series “Healthy Living: Preparing your Mind, Body and Bones for the 3‑Day!” It’s a series of emails, blogs and additional resources that will help prepare you for this life-changing event, as well as year-round health.

Whether you are walking or crewing for the first time or have been with us since the beginning, participating in the 3‑Day means making a significant commitment to preparing yourself for the amazing 3‑Day journey ahead. We want to ensure all our walkers and crew have the tools and information needed for the best experience possible.

Healthy Living: Preparing Your Mind, Body and Bones for the 3-Day
American Bone Health and Susan G. Komen are teaming up to bring you vital information about how to lead a healthier lifestyle and strengthen your bones as you prepare to tackle the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. Read more here.

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