Crew Resources

Here are the steps on the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® journey for crew members:

  1. Visit your profile to confirm your crew team selection. Read your crew team’s description here. If you don’t feel like you will be able to perform that team’s function, please contact us to find a more suitable assignment. 
  2. Connect with your Crew Captain and fellow crew members, after you receive your Crew Captain’s contact information. Discuss themes and decorations with your crew team, collaborate on fundraising ideas, begin to make travel arrangements and ask questions.
  3. Review to the Crew University training series. Crew University is a series of handouts designed to answer your questions and kick the Komen 3-Day Crew into high gear!  
    Crew 101
    Outdoor Camp Teams
    Hotel Camp Teams
    Route Teams
  4. Select your crew team below to view your team-specific training handout.
  5. Crew Training. All crew members are required to attend a crew team meeting on the Thursday afternoon before the event to meet your crew team and prepare the final details for your participation. Before your crew team meeting, please review your training handouts.

Crew Fundraising Requirement
All crew members, except medical crew, must fundraise at least $100 in order to participate. As a 3-Day crew member, you’ll be changing lives, both your own and those you’ll touch with the funds you raise. Don’t forget, if you go above and beyond with your fundraising, you will be eligible to receive early crew registration for the following year's crew registration.

  • If you raise $500+, we will let you register for the next year's 3-Day and select your crew team two days before crew registration opens to the public.
  • If you raise $250-$499 we will give you a one-day head start.

Click here to review the FAQ on Crew Priority Registration.


Crew Team Descriptions
2023 Crew Assignment Wish List
Fundraising Poster  
"I Crew Because" Sign
Crew Health & Safety 
Crew Logos
Crew 101
Outdoor Camp Operations Training
Hotel Camp Operations Training
Route Operations Training
Customer Service Training
New Crew Training
Veteran Crew Training
Drivers Training
New Route Stop Crew Training
Veteran Route Stop Crew Training
Select your crew team below to view your team-specific training handout.