The power to end breast cancer begins with you, and we’ll be there to support you at every step.

Welcome to the Pink Bubble

The 3-Day is more than just a walk; it’s a journey of hope, remembrance and celebration.

3 Days | 60 Miles

$2,300 Fundraising Minimum

  • Two nights accommodations*
  • Fundraising coaching
  • T-shirt and finisher medal
  • Fundraising rewards
  • Fully supported walking route with pit stops and on-site medical professionals
  • All meals provided
  • Finish Line Festival and Closing Ceremony

2 Days | 40 Miles

$1,800 Fundraising Minimum

  • One night accommodations*
  • Fundraising coaching
  • T-shirt and finisher medal
  • Fundraising rewards
  • Two days of fully supported walking route with pit stops and on-site medical professionals
  • All meals provided
  • Finish Line Festival and Closing Ceremony

1 Day | 20 Miles

$750 Fundraising Minimum

  • Fundraising coaching
  • T-shirt and finisher medal
  • Fundraising rewards
  • One day of fully supported walking route with pit stops and on-site medical professionals
  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • Finish Line Festival and Closing Ceremony

*Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver and New England participants are provided with hotel accommodations. In San Diego, participants are provided with tents in an outdoor camp or may book their own hotel room with our discounted rate.

Choose Your Coaching Experience

Your 3-Day journey begins the moment you register. Our dedicated team of 3-Day coaches, all who have walked in and fundraised for the 3-Day, will guide you through your training and provide fundraising support to help you achieve your goals and get us one step closer to our finish line: a world without breast cancer.

Determination at Every Step.

The 3-Day is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Over the course of three amazing days, you’ll push yourself to the limit. You’ll join a collective movement of passionate, determined people who share the same purpose: to build a world without breast cancer for this generation and the next. We’re on our way to raising more than $1 billion. Join us! Your feet may not forgive you, but your heart will never be the same.


Frequently Asked Questions

Walk solo or with others ― we’re all one big family! You will never be alone on the 3-Day. No matter which you choose, you’re guaranteed to walk away with new friendships that will last a lifetime!
No. We know that life is a tricky thing to plan around. The beauty of the 3-Day is you can choose to join for one, day (Sunday), two days (Saturday & Sunday) or all three days. Select the opportunity that works best for you. If you do register as a full 3-Day walker, you still do not have to walk all 60 miles. You’ve done the hard part just by fundraising and getting to the starting line. If you’re out on the route and get too tired to continue, a 3-Day van can pick you up and take you to the next pit stop.
Our dedicated team of 3-Day coaches are with you every step of the way as you train and fundraise for the walk of a lifetime, at no cost to you! We provide a full suggested training schedule, volunteer-led organized training walks and advice on training gear. We have a wealth of fundraising advice and resources, including an online portal, an app, flyers, posters, and sample messages to guide you to ask for donations.
Participants rave about the sense of accomplishment, the unity and the joy of giving back. You’re not just joining an event; you’re making an investment in your own happiness. Join the 3-Day Facebook groups to connect directly with past participants. Read our blog to hear stories from many past and current participants.
We encourage you to recruit your family and friends (age 16 or older) to walk with you. Each individual must register and meet their own fundraising requirement in order to participate in the 3-Day.
Yes! Whether you’re a seasoned walker or just starting out, our route is designed to accommodate all fitness levels and our suggested training program will help you get there. There are pit stops and support crew, including medical professionals. It’s not about how fast you go, it’s about the journey you’ll take and the connections you’ll make along the way. Plus, once you commit to the 3-Day, you’ll connect with our team of coaches who will guide you through your training, offer support throughout your journey and help you find volunteer-led organized training walks in your area.
Choose your level of commitment! 3-Day Walkers have a minimum fundraising requirement of $2,300. For 2-Day Walkers it’s $1,800 for 1-Day Walkers it’s $750. While you will have a lot of support from your coach and fellow walkers, each participant is responsible for their own fundraising requirement. Donations are not divided among team members; they are not transferable or refundable.
The money you raise helps Komen build a world free of breast cancer through research, community, care and action. Fundraising isn’t just about reaching a goal; it's about tapping into the generosity of your network and showing them the incredible impact they can make in the fight against breast cancer. Read more about Komen’s impact here.
Every 3-5 miles on the route, you’ll find a Pit Stop with snacks, porta-potties and medical support. Lunch will be provided at about the halfway point each day and dinner will be provided at camp.
No, absolutely not. The 3-Day transports your gear so you only walk with a water bottle and backpack/fanny pack that contains the personal items you want access to during the day (such as sunglasses, phone, etc.)
Your food is provided throughout the weekend ― including snacks, lunch, breakfasts and dinners, with the exception of Friday breakfast and Sunday dinner. Our packing list will advise you on what to bring.
If you get tired of walking, there are volunteer crew members on the route to transport you to the end, or to the next spot on the route that has the support you need. It’s not about walking every step ― it’s about making a difference through your fundraising. Medical support is provided at pit stops along the route and in camp.
In New England, Denver and Dallas/Fort Worth, a host hotel is our “base camp” and as a 3-Day walker two nights of hotel stay are included in your event experience (you must share a room with another 3-Day participant). 2-Day Walkers have 1 night of hotel stay on Saturday night. 1-Day Walkers are not provided with a hotel room but can book one through the 3-Day reservations portal at a reduced rate.

In San Diego, our outdoor campsite is the hub where breakfasts and dinners are served (beginning with Friday night dinner and ending with Sunday morning breakfast). Camping is optional for Friday and Saturday nights. Single person tents are provided. Hotel reservations are available at your own expense.

The 3-Day Impact

Since 2003

Many People

500,000 +


Dollar Sign

902 Million +

Dollars Raised



Research Projects*



Clinical Trials*

*totals since 1982

Komen’s Impact

Committed to Finding the Cures

Susan G. Komen® is the only breast cancer organization taking a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to fight breast cancer across all fronts. Since 1982, we’ve helped transform how the world treats and talks about breast cancer. We’ve funded nearly $1.1 billion in research and more than $2.3 billion in education, screening and treatment. Dollars raised through the 3-Day also support Komen’s Financial Assistance Program, which provides crucial support that eliminates the need for people to choose between immediate needs and life-saving care.


New Walker Story

“I feel completely taken care of with the Pink Bubble. My coach has connected with me, I’ve attended Zoom meetings and met other walkers, and the wonderful social support with fundraising which has helped me tremendously. It was scary at first, to know I’m walking “alone.” However, I will not be alone. I will be with others who are going through the same experience as I am or have a family member/friend who is fighting cancer and can relate. It’s exciting to be involved in such a big event for a wonderful cause!”

—Kristi R.

Read Kristi’s Story Here