Susan G. Komen® is committed to doing what it takes to save lives by supporting those most vulnerable to COVID-19 within the breast cancer community.

Fundraising during this time can be difficult, and we understand. Yet, our work has never been more important, especially with the impact of COVID-19. We’ve already seen patients financially impacted, fearing for their health, and unable to access the care they need. That’s why Susan G. Komen established the Komen COVID-19 Action Fund. It supports the urgent needs of our breast cancer community by ensuring important services and assistance remains available.

Whether it’s providing answers and counsel for those who can’t see a doctor in person, or by providing financial assistance for those who can’t work, you can ensure important services continue for those in need. Your help is needed now. Because of this, all donations to your 3-Day fundraisers through the end of June will support the Susan G. Komen COVID-19 Action Fund.

We also know that our 3-Day community is different than the outside world. It’s more hopeful, inspiring, and let’s face it, maybe a bit tougher. Together we always do great things.

If you’re not ready to fundraise yet, that’s okay. Take care of your family, yourself, and your friends. For those who are ready, this is an opportunity to reach out to others to ask for a donation, letting them know that their support will save lives by funding important programs needed by those affected by breast cancer, and are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19.

We know how much the breast cancer community means to you. Now more than ever they need your support. Thank you for supporting Komen during this time!

Tools to help you raise funds during this difficult time
Komen COVID-19 social media messages
Komen COVID-19 shareable social media images
Send a Komen COVID-19 fundraising email
Komen COVID-19 Action Fund Flyer
Sample letter to donors (and potential donors) about the 2020 3-Day postponement

Other Helpful Tips for Fundraising During COVID-19

Caryn T.

Start a Facebook Fundraiser
A Facebook fundraiser is an incredibly easy way to reach more friends and family — and their friends and family — and ask for support.

Walker Caryn T. raised just under $6,000 with a Facebook fundraiser — in only 15 days! Wow! She and her team, The Philly Knockers, led by team captain and breast cancer survivor Wendy W., are looking forward to traveling to the Chicago 3-Day this September.

Walkers who set up a Facebook Fundraiser last season raised, on average, $800 more than those who didn’t. Don’t leave that money on the table.

Visit your 3-Day Participant Center and click the “Connect Fundraiser to Facebook link” to set up your Facebook Fundraiser and start inviting all of your contacts today.


Organize a Virtual Fundraising Event
Set a specific amount of time and/or money and set up a fundraising challenge on Instagram or Twitter. Several people have had success fundraising this way by making a game of it. For example: If I raise $300 in the next three days, I’ll tweet the story of the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. Or: If I raise $100 in the next 10 hours, I’ll tweet a thread of my most bizarre celebrity encounters. Or: If I raise $500 in the next two weeks, I’ll post a photo of my dog in a tutu. Don’t forget to include the link to your personal fundraising page. Not on social media? You can also do this via email or text.

Keep Sending Those Emails and Texts (or letters!)
Use the 3-Day Mobile App to send fundraising emails, texts and make social media posts right from your phone. You can also do all of that from your online Participant Center. We also encourage you to break out your fancy stationery and write some letters. People are feeling more isolated these days, and a handwritten letter coming in the mail could brighten someone’s day. Remember to make it personal. Your potential donors will respond better to your reasons for walking and fundraising for the 3-Day. Stories of good are what’s helping us all find our way through the news these days. Share something about a past experience on the 3-Day or a story of you and your reasons for walking and how this is important to you. Print our suggested messages for emails and social media posts.

Talking Points for Fundraisers
Don't know what to say to your donors? Here are some talking points you can use when asking for donations.

  • Your support is more important than ever. I am continuing to fundraise for the Komen [insert location] 3-Day so that Komen can continue to serve the women, men and families impacted by breast cancer, many who are most at risk from COVID-19.
  • Komen is doing everything possible to support people facing breast cancer during these times of uncertainty. That’s why Komen needs us now more than ever. If you can, please consider donating to my Susan G. Komen 3-Day fundraiser.
  • A donation to my fundraiser will help Komen continue to provide support to members of our family who, being immunocompromised, are uniquely at risk due to COVID-19. We are in this together and your support means the world. Thank you.
  • Print our suggested messages for emails and social media posts
  • Print our sample emails to your donors and potential donors about the 2020 3-Day postponement

See Our Top Tips for Fundraising During COVID-19

Need any help or advice? Contact your coach! We’re here to help.