About the 3-Day

The 3-Day: Your journey, your challenge, your chance to make a difference.

Opening Ceremony

In the early morning hours, you'll gather with your 3-Day family for a powerful and emotional Opening Ceremony. Once you're filled with inspiration, take your first steps with determination.

Team Up

Walking with a team makes the miles go by faster. Tell stories, sing and dance, and have someone by your side when you need the encouragement to go those last few miles.

Day 1
Focus on your steps, the route
is fully supported.
Reunite and spend the night at the 3-Day camp site.

Parade of Pink

The 3-Day transforms into a 60-mile moving monument dedicated to the power of ending breast cancer forever.

Day 2
You're in good hands with our all volunteer crew.
With every step, we pay tribute. We Remember.

Community Support

Mile after mile of community supporters will keep you walking when you feel like you can't keep going. You'll be surprised how powerful a Tootsie Roll, a free hug, or a cheerleader's shout can be!

Day 3

Victory Walk

We all take the final steps of the 3-Day together, because it's not a race, and because this victory belongs to all of us.

A Triumphant End to a Spectacular Journey

Your final destination—a hero's welcome from your friends and family at our celebratory Closing Ceremony.

The Power of Your Steps

Each walker raises $2,300 in donations, contributing to our grand total of $800,000,000 and counting.

People walking

75% of the net proceeds go towards Komen’s national priorities:

  • Research Programs
  • Community Health and Advocacy
  • Global Partnerships

25% of the net proceeds stay in the local community and help fund:

  • Education
  • Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Assistance Programs
  • Patient Navigation Services

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