2024 San Diego 3-Day

2021 Breastoes Forever
2021 Breastoes Forever

Breasties Forever


My team and I have walked in the 3-Day for many, many years. We walked in Dallas for 12 years and in San Diego for the last 7. The camaraderie, community support and love that I felt in San Diego was unlike anything I've ever felt.

Why walk 60 miles in 3 days??
We walk because I can't walk away.
We walk so we never have to see another child walk in memory of their mother.
We walk to raise awareness.
We walk in celebration of the survivors, in memory of those that lost the battle, and in hopes that fewer become either.
Besides, it's only 150,000 steps and blisters don't need chemo.
It's not only a battle against breast cancer, but a war against all cancers!

We walk for those currently fighting, and for those that have gone before us! For those in the battle, know that there are many supporters that you're not even aware of and have never met. This is a personal sacrifice, but one I can't imagine not doing.

*A note from the Team Captain:
I walk in this event each year because it makes me believe in the world again. The first 20 miles of day 1 are filled with adrenaline, laughter and hope. The next day starts with pain, blisters and dread. By the 2nd or 3rd mile of day two we walk past a child on a street corner holding up a sign thanking us for walking for his mom. By the end of day three we’re exhausted & sore, but excited about what we’ve done. When we cross the finish line, we look over and see all of the survivors and women in wheel chairs clapping for us and offering hugs. This is when we know that everything we’ve gone through in the last 3 days is worth it because we know we just saved someone's life doing what we’re doing. This is the most humbling event I’ve ever participated in and it makes me believe that there are still good people in the world. It's not about what color or religion you are. It's not about your age or your gender. This is the only place I've ever been to that these things truly don't matter. We're all in it to kick cancer's butt and for 3 days, all is good in the world again. When we all pull together and support one another, we can do anything!

Please join us as we come together as a team and with the Susan G. Komen 3-Day community take on a bold challenge in the fight to end breast cancer. 

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