2023 San Diego 3-Day

Powered by Optimism

This year marks Powered by Optimism's  13th walk with the Susan G. Komen San Diego 3-Day.  Every single person on this team has been affected in one way or another by breast cancer, yet each member is POWERED by the knowledge that we can and will achieve our goal; a world without breast cancer.  The training is hard.  But, it's not as hard as a cancer diagnosis.  It's not as hard as chemo.  It's not as hard as daily radiation for weeks or years on end.  It's not as hard as reconstructive surgery and everything that goes along with it.  

What keeps us going?  We are POWERED BY OPTIMISM.  We know down deep in our hearts that we will be a part of a cure. We won't give up.  We can't.  We won't take a break because Cancer doesn't take breaks. 

Walking 60 miles is hard, but we will keep walking until Breast Cancer is no longer a threat.  We walk so that no one will ever have to experience the ravages of Breast Cancer.  We walk as survivors, as mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. We are united as a family in the fight against Breast Cancer.  We walk because others cannot.  We walk because..... 


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