2024 New England 3-Day

Friends With Heart


Friends With Heart is one of the largest teams in the Komen family with walkers in all four cities.  We range in age from teenagers to seniors but are all young at heart.  We were brought together by our passion to end breast cancer.  Each of us has been impacted by breast cancer whether it was a personal battle fought by one of our survivors or the battle fought by our members who have stood by a family member or friend who has battled this devastating disease.  It is these battles that have made us all survivors in some ways.  We have seen what this disease can do physically, emotionally and financially. 

We have shared so much laughter but also too many tears as we have said goodbye to loved ones as they soared to heaven on pink wings joining the angels finally at peace.  We are loud, we are crazy and we make our presence known because we are warriors who will never give up and never give in until we can stand together united in a world without breast cancer.  We will endure blisters and road rash, weather and hills because we know that none of these compares to the horrors of chemo and cancer!

We are more then a team we are a family who you will find along the route from the front of the pack to the caboose encouraging and helping all of the 3Day community to remember why we walk and the impact of what we do!  We are moved by the knowledge that our friendships will endure beyond the boundaries of breast cancer.  We walk because everyone deserves a lifetime and because of this we will not walk away until a cure has been found.

Please join us as we come together as a team and with the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® community as we take a bold stance in the fight to end breast cancer. The Komen 3-Day isn’t just a 60-mile walk over the course of three days–it’s a journey to the end of breast cancer. We won't stop until breast cancer does.


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