2023 Chicago 3-Day

KDI Kares

Recently, our firm KDI Design, held its 12th Annual Vegas Night, in our effort to fight breast cancer. At these events, I typically say a few words, explaining my "why". Which is "our why" when it comes to Ginny & me.

Marie was Ginny’s caretaker a few years back ;0) & she quickly jumped to being a best friend to me.

No room lit up brighter than the rooms blessed with Marie’s presence. She was a hoot! Life was short, live it to the fullest….it’s as if she knew.

Life according to Marie needed to be lived, embraced, and cherished. Those who knew Marie, knew she was a fighter. And, the reason we decided to support the fight against breast cancer.

This September, Gin & I are signed up to once again walk 60 miles over the course of 3 days. The bond we have formed over the years, side by side, blisters & aching muscles aside, is one that I personally will always cherish & I know that Marie is smiling down upon us.

Thank you for considering to support our mission, as we start training for this event, with Marie and all the others that have fought the fight, in our hearts.

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