3-Day Nation

Thank You

Thank you to all of the founding members of 3-Day Nation. It was an amazing two weeks and three weekends of walking, sharing and celebrating, honoring each other as well as all of our loved ones who we fight for every day. Together, you collectively raised $3.3 million. And $203,000 of that was raised during the two weeks of 3-Day Nation, from October 2-17, alone. Wow! We’re blown away.

The outpouring of love and support on social media, during our livestreamed ceremonies, out at our pop-ups and beyond was incredible. We’re still glowing from all the Pink Bubble magic, and we hope you are, too. You can relive all of the ceremonies here and re-experience the Nationwide Walk in the Charge app (it will remain available on-demand, so if you want to relive the fun or weren’t able to join us, you can listen in anytime).

Check out all of the amazing photos in the 3-Day Nation Facebook group.

3-Day Nation Thank You