Training Walk Rules

The following rules have been established by the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® and are enforced on all official Komen 3-Day training walks.

Children/Minors (Including baby strollers)
All minors under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Walkers pushing strollers should walk at the back of the group to avoid congestion.

Any pets must be on a leash and walked at the back of the group.

Safety Speech
Safety is our number one priority on the 3-Day®. Every person participating in the training walk must listen to, understand, and adhere to the rules the training walk leader will go through before the walk begins. These principles of safety are in place to protect our walkers and to prevent accidents. On the walks, it's also critical that every participant always remain alert.

No Headphones
Headphones are prohibited on official 3-Day training walks and on the 3-Day event. We also highly recommend you train without headphones. However, if you choose to train with headphones, you are doing so at your own risk, and we ask that you please pay attention to your surroundings to ensure your safety.

Music on Training Walks
While the use of headphones is prohibited on training walks you may choose to play music during your training walks via speakers. If some walkers find music distracting, please respect their wishes and either turn the volume down or off completely.

No Cell Phones While Walking
The use of mobile devices while walking during an official training walk is prohibited. Walkers may carry cell phones but are not allowed to talk or text on them while walking. They are prohibited because they greatly limit a walker's awareness of his or her surroundings. If you need to use your phone, please stop walking and step to the side of the route.

Share the Trail
Most of the courses we train on are public facilities used by walkers, joggers, cyclists, in-line skaters and others. Please share the trail, sidewalk, path or road. This means leaving adequate room for people to pass even if it means walking single file and being courteous to others who are using the trail.

Obey All Traffic Laws
Walkers must obey traffic laws at all times. This includes waiting for lights at controlled intersections and crossing in designated crosswalks where evident. Walkers should always look both ways before proceeding across an intersection. When a car is stopped at an intersection, walkers should make eye contact with the driver before proceeding across to ensure that the driver sees them.