3-Day Fundraising Hall of Fame

To celebrate the commitment of those 3-Day fundraising rockstars who have gone above and beyond over the years, we created the Lifetime Commitment Circle and the Commitment Club.

Lifetime Commitment Circle

Recognizing participants who have shown leadership in fundraising and team development. Each inductee has raised at least $100,000 individually, or at least $1,000,000 as a team, for the 3-Day through the last event season.



Courage - $100,000
Jeannie Antonioni
Amparo Baldemor
Ellen Banta
Joanne Bidwell
Barry Blauer
Lindsey Bock
Rachel Brown
Stephanie Capaccio
Sue Cayer
Jennifer Chapman
Sue Cloonan
Sheryl Cowan
Kimberly Crist
Jagdish Dalal
Kathy DiRusso
Karen Eickemeyer
Pam Fecher
Caryn Firebaugh
Martha Geller
Gemma Goodwin
Jim Hillmann
Mary Ann Isaac
Jerri Johnson
Candice Kiss
Alycia Klein
Amy Kowalchyk
Lori LeVander
Marie Levine
Burt Lipshie
Pala Liske

Courage - $100,000
Julie Lobdell
Jane Malyn
Karen McEnheimer
Patricia Miller
Lucy Millman
Amy Nadeau
George Nummer
Christine Pak
Peggy Paul
Carol Ann Payne-Johnson
Heidi Probst
Karen Radtke
Sallie Reeves
Jennifer Rosado
Karen Rush
Nancy Schulman
Betsy Sears
Ann Seiberlich
Marcy Shiner Edidin
Jake Stefan
Richard Tapia
Trish Taylor
Riley Weston
Mary Anne Williams
Christi-Ann Wiltberger
Rina Wolfe
Cathy Youngling

Impact - $250,000
Julie Copaken
Loretta Englishbee
Kathy Giller
Liz Goldman
Bert Stein

Promise - $500,000+

Courage - $1,000,000
Angels 4 Angels
Angels for the Cure
BC Babes
Boxing Babes
Cliff's Crew
DHL Dynamos
Friends with Heart 
Hines Pink Pathers
No Walker Left Behind
Pink Soles in Motion
Surf City Tittys
Team Girlapalooza
Team Tiara
Team Walking On
Team WISH Arizona
The Cup Crusaders
Wild Women Originals
Wild Women Walking for a Cure

Impact - $2,000,000
Powered by Optimism 
The Pink Angels

Promise - $3,000,000+
Kindred Spirits
Valley Girls & Guys!

Commitment Club

To celebrate the commitment of 3-Day participants who have gone above and beyond in their fundraising efforts over the years, we have created the 3-Day Commitment Club, which has three levels of honor. Click an icon below to see a list of all members of that club.

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