New England 3-Day Local Community Participation Opportunities

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® is coming to your community on Friday, August 18, through Sunday, August 20! Hundreds of people will walk 60 miles in a courageous display of commitment in the fight to end breast cancer. Net proceeds from the Komen 3-Day help support research, scientific programs and community-based breast health and education programs for women and men facing breast cancer. Walkers in the 3-Day® have trained for months and raised millions of dollars and now they need your support.

You can help by cheering on the 3-Day walkers and showing your support. What that looks like depends on whether we will be walking directly by your business.

Will We Be Walking By Your Business?
See the 2023 New England 3-Day map here or contact the New England 3-Day coach to find out if we will be walking down your street.

How You Can Support the 3-Day Walkers
If you’re on the 3-Day route:

  • Display a sign or decorations. Think pink! Use pink ribbon, pink balloons, or any other type of pink flair!
  • Help our walkers cool down with sprinklers or mist them with a hose or spray bottle.
  • Get creative! The walkers will love it.
  • Hang banners or signs of support to encourage the walkers to keep going. Click here to print a 3-Day Supporter Poster.
  • Hand out pink “goodies” to walkers along the route as they pass by. If handing out food or drinks, please make sure all items are individually wrapped. To eliminate any issues with litter, please provide a place for walkers to dispose of their trash.
  • Share photos of your 3-Day experience and interactions to social media with the hashtag #The3Day. Tag @The3Day on Twitter, @Komen3Day on Instagram, or post in our New England 3-Day Facebook group.
  • Please contact us to let us know your plans, so we can reach out in case there are any last-minute route changes.

If your business is not on the 3-Day route:

Contact: Kathleen Klotz, Susan G. Komen New England 3-Day
800-996-3DAY, option 3