All registered walkers and crew members must have personal health insurance during the time that the event takes place in order to participate. Though the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® provides certain emergency medical services without charge, personal health insurance may be necessary to cover costs of other medical care, including care received away from the event. For example: if emergency room care or ambulance transport is needed, insurance coverage may be necessary. You should check with your insurance company for the terms of your individual policy. If you currently do not have health insurance, please purchase a temporary policy that covers you for the duration of the Komen 3-Day.

If you need to obtain a temporary insurance policy to cover you for the duration of the 3-Day®, please check with your personal insurance agent who handles your other insurance needs. If s/he is not able to help you, please try the following websites. Please note: Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Vermont do not allow temporary policy coverage to be sold in their states.

  • United HealthCare:
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield:
    Please note, Blue Cross does not offer temporary policies in Michigan.
    Note: If you select the monthly payment option, the drop down menu for the beginning date for coverage only gives a month’s worth of dates beyond the current date from which to select; this means that you only will be able to do it one month or less out from the date of the 3-Day. If you select the single up-front payment, you will be asked for an ending date for the coverage and the length of the policy must be between 30 and 185 days.

If you are unable to obtain temporary insurance coverage, you may request a waiver. Please contact your 3-Day coach.