Matching Gifts

Every company has their own procedure for submitting a matching gift request. On the Matching Gifts page, you can use our search tool to find your employer in our matching gifts database. If the company is in our database, you can select it to see the specific instructions for that company’s matching gifts process. Different organizations have different requirements and procedures, so please look up each company individually. Donors can also check with their Human Resources or Community Relations Departments to inquire about their internal process.

Important tips:

  • Select the correct organization!
    Susan G. Komen 3-Day
    P.O. Box 660843
    Dallas, TX 75266-0843
  • Provide the participant information with their submission if possible.
  • Submit the request as soon as possible to allow ample processing time.  
  • Make copies of matching gift forms or forward the email confirmation to at the 3-Day for processing.

There are three basic methods of submitting a matching gift request; paper matching gift forms, online forms, and non-traditional programs. The process for each method is listed below.

Paper Matching Gift Forms:
Paper matching gift forms are often available for printout through our search tool on the Matching Gifts page of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® website, or they can be obtained directly through your donor’s employer. The process for matching gift forms is as follows:

  • The donor fills out their portion of the matching gift form and mails it to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day office (P.O. Box 660843, Dallas, TX 75266-0843) along with a copy of their donation receipt. We recommend that you either have your donor forward the form to you for mailing so that you can make a copy of the form for your records, or have your donor make a copy for you before sending.
  • Once the form is received in the Komen 3-Day office, it is filed by date and processed in the order it was received.
  • The 3-Day Matching Gifts Team will then fill out the organization’s portion confirming receipt of your donor’s contribution. If the 3-Day® is eligible for matching under the company’s matching gift program guidelines, the matching funds will be posted to your fundraising account at the time it is processed by the 3-Day staff and the paperwork forwarded back to the company for review and payment.

Online Matching Gift Forms:
Online submission links are provided internally by the donor’s employer. The process for online forms is as follows:

  • The donor submits their matching gift request online through the link provided by their employer. There are many different Komen locations, affiliates, and events, so it is essential that they select the Susan G. Komen 3-Day at P.O. Box 660843, Dallas, TX 75266-0843 as the recipient organization in order for the funds to be received and credited to your fundraising account. The donor should also make note of your name, Participant ID # and 3-Day event city if they are given the option to include a designation note.
  • Online Matching Gift Programs vary in their method of notification of these requests. Some programs send an automated email notification to the organization directly, while others direct the employee to send the notification via email themselves. The correct email address for this type of notification is:
  • The Matching Gifts Team will then login to our organization portal to confirm receipt of your donor’s contribution. Online requests are confirmed in the order received. Once the online request is confirmed by the 3-Day, it is submitted to the company for review and payment. The matching funds will be posted to your fundraising account at the time the 3-Day staff confirms the online request. 

Non-Traditional Programs:
Some employers partner with 3rd party companies such as Your Cause and Benevity to manage their Corporate Giving Programs. These programs allow employees to make both their contribution and matching gift requests to organizations through their employer, including payroll deduction donations. The process for this type of program is as follows:

  • The donor makes their contribution through payroll deduction, or via credit card through their employer’s online portal, and also applies for the match directly through their employer. This type of program does not require any confirmation from the 3-Day, as they distribute both the donation and matching funds to the organization directly.
  • The 3-Day has access to online reporting for funds distributed. The standard payout schedule for this type of program is 45 days after the month in which the donation/match request was made. Donations and matches are not paid out together.  

Matching Gifts FAQ