Top 5 Reasons to Join (or Start!) a 3-Day Team!
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Did you sign up for the San Diego 3-Day or 3-Day Nation to honor a loved one? Or because walking 60 miles is a challenge you simply can't resist? Have you been hearing about the 3-Day for a while and decided "this is my year!"?

Whatever your motivation for joining this community, we want to talk with you about the benefits of being part of a 3-Day team.

There are many 3-Day teams waiting with open arms to welcome you and share the magic of camaraderie, like-mindedness, and passion. We'll show you how to connect with existing teams - and talk about why you should!

Instead, you may be interested in learning how to form and lead your very own team. We’ll brainstorm ideas for growing a team from scratch and talk about why you should go for it!

Join the 3-Day Coaches and several experienced 3-Day Team Captains for this info session. We’ll do our best to describe the life-changing journey that is the 3-Day, and how being part of a team takes the whole experience to the next level – whether you join a team or form your own.

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Date: Monday, September 20, 2021
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