I Turn 40 in 2014......

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Susan G. Komen 3-Day
Susan G. Komen 3-Day



In August of 2014 I turn 40. It will be my tenth birthday without my mother. Why? Because on April 20, 2004 she lost her battle with breast cancer. That is ten years of missed birthdays, missed anniversary, and missed holidays. It is years she lost out on with her grandchildren and my dad.

People ask me ALL the time why I walk? The answer is simple; I walk because I can and because I must. I began walking in the 3 Day in 2010, back then I did it for my mom, since then I have learned that I am high risk and have had many friends diagnosed. So now instead of walking for one I walk for THOUSANDS.

I had said last year would be my last one for a while with the 3 Day, and I meant it. Then I got some news, on July 28th my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was the Sunday before I left to walk in Cleveland. After Cleveland I went to visit and see my daddy. After finding out about the cancer I knew walking anymore in 2013 was out of the picture, so that left me with a LOT of money to roll over to 2014!

On Nov 5th I got a call from my sister my dad died due to complications from the treatment for lung cancer. So tonight I make take the challenge and will walk all SEVEN in 2014!!!!!

Everyone deserves a lifetime and I am tired of families being cheated. Will you please support me with a donation?

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