2023 San Diego 3-Day

2021 Team Walkers - Penny & Cathy
2021 Team Walkers - Penny & Cathy

Pink Tahoe Ladies

In 2003 (the same year as the first
Susan G. Komen Walk in San Diego), this Old Lady Walking, and a few teammates she had yet to meet, started this journey. So, yes, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

Over the years, we came together, expanded our team, and walked...and walked...and walked.

Today, we have 16 team members. Some have walked one Walk. Others have walked them all.

We  have 3 breast cancer survivors, and some of us who have had other forms of cancer. We have family, friends, and a bond that unite us in our
belief that enough is enough. Cancer needs to be kicked to the curb - permanently.

These are the women known as the Pink Tahoe Ladies (the team name comes from the 10th anniversary celebration we had in beautiful Lake Tahoe).

  • Abby Widman
  • Beth Robins
  • Cathy Miller (the Old Lady Walking/Captain)
  • Diane Moschetti
  • Holly Gregoire
  • Jamie Rammer
  • Jana Haertl
  • Jennifer Lazzarini
  • Julie Ewert
  • Kellen Scanlan
  • Kristin Moschetti
  • Lauren Rammer
  • Martina Scanlan
  • Michelle Rumberg
  • Penny Rammer
  • Suzanne Peterson

Together  we walk 60 miles in 3 days to raise money to help end breast cancer. To  us, it's personal. Very personal. Please consider supporting us in whatever way you can. Let's kick cancer to the curb. Once and for all. 

Thank you!

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