2022 New England 3-Day


The six of us are training to participate in The Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk.  Over the span of three days in August, we will be walking 60 miles around Boston.   We will be alongside hundreds of other walkers in the Pink Bubble, raising awareness and money for the mission of curing breast cancer.  We would like to ask for your support as we embark on this incredible challenge!

Our team, the Central Michigan University Breast Buddies Forever, consists of a group of college friends who have been together for close to 40 years.  We have grown up, shared dreams and challenges, and raised our families together.  We are walking with each other and in support of one another.  Candy had this on her bucket list, and because all of us have either been impacted directly or know someone that has been affected by breast cancer, we were excited to take on this challenge with her. 

Please consider donating to Susan G. Komen 3 Day in support of our team participants and the fight against breast cancer.  Any amount of money is appreciated and goes to the cause.  In the event your company matches charitable contributions, please consider asking them to participate on our behalf.  

With your support, together we can help win the war against breast cancer!

Candace           Denise         Joni       Maureen       Moe          Becky

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