2021 San Diego 3-Day

Hands Up For Hooters


Hands Up For Hooters plans to add 30 new walkers to our exciting team for the 2021 3-Day walk, and we want YOU!  We are a supportive, inclusive, fun team from the Sacramento area. How could you not be fun with a name like Hands Up For Hooters? This is our 6th year as a team, and our goal is to surpass ONE MILLION DOLLARS as a lifetime team fundraising for Komen.  That's right.  You could be a part of our Million Dollar Year. (BTW, not all teams are open to new walkers.  We are LOOKING for new walkers and will support you all the way.)  We plan to bring a team of 100 walkers to the San Diego walk (Nov 19-21, 2021), plus will have some walkers in Boston, Chicago and Dallas.

 Check out our team video here: https://youtu.be/ne9C_xQBL2k

We will accomplish this by supporting and encouraging all of our walkers through their training and fundraising.  While our 2020 plans and team training have been temporarily derailed by COVID-19, our hearts have remained connected.  That nasty bug may have stopped our group training, but it did not stop breast cancer.  It did not stop the need for support to eradicate the devastation caused by breast cancer.  It has not stopped our fundraising.


For the newly scheduled 2021 3-Days, we have a varied training schedule of walks established for the entire year, beginning in April, 2021.  Most walks are around the Sacramento (Roseville, Elk Grove, Folsom, Fair Oaks) area, but we also venture to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco for our longer walks.  Yeah... we even walk across the Golden Gate Bridge!  We support each other with personal fundraisers, and can't wait to get back to our Bunco nights, Paint and Wine parties and Top Golf fundraisers. You don't want to miss it!


Team Captain Sally Dunbar formed Hands Up For Hooters in 2015.  Her prior 3 Komen walks as a breast cancer survivor taught her the incredible impact the Komen Foundation is having on men and women around the world.  She realized she could raise more money for Komen by bringing in new walkers to the Komen bubble.  Her first year she recruited over 50 new walkers, which was magical as they each discovered they were far bigger than they ever thought, simply by walking and asking their friends for support.  It was awe inspiring. 

For 2020 we hope to recruit 60 new walkers - (focusing on those new to the Komen family) and plan to really lean into supporting our new walkers in a fun and helpful way.  Join us.  (If you find out we are a bunch of bozos, it is easy to change teams!  But honestly, no one has ever left us!)


Well.... you train all year to be able to walk 20 miles a day (or you don't train at all, but don't be surprised when you get blisters).  You ask your friends, family, and total strangers on the street for money.  You need to raise $2300 to participate in the 3-Day walk. Truthfully, since it is for Komen, and NOT for you, it isn't all that hard. What happens if you don't raise $2300?  You simply don't participate in the San Diego walk.  The money you were able to raise goes to a terrific cause, and you simply quit participating on our team.  That makes us sad, but there is no penalty if you quit.  It's not like you have to pay the balance of the $2300.  You just quit.  So no harm done.  But I will tell you, everyone who has wanted to do this has been able to raise their money - $800,000 fo far.

So what do you say?  Want to be a Hooter?  Click Register and JUST DO IT!


Don't forget to check out our team video: https://youtu.be/ne9C_xQBL2k 

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