Due to the current and projected state of the COVID-19 pandemic and its continued risk to our community, we are making a change to this year’s Susan G. Komen 3-Day Series. We know that many in our community are eager to gather again in person, and our participants’ safety and well-being, many of whom have compromised immune systems, must be our first concern.

With the balance between the desire to gather as a community and safety and well-being in mind, we are offering two options for participating in the 3-Day this year:

  • For those who want to participate together, in-person, we will be hosting the all-outdoor San Diego 3-Day from November 19-21, 2021.
  • For those who prefer to participate in smaller groups, by yourself, or closer to home, we’re excited to provide a new option — 3-Day Nation.

We will not be hosting our indoor, hotel-based events in New England, Chicago, and Dallas/Fort Worth. Instead, registrants for these events will be given the option to transfer to the San Diego 3-Day or 3-Day Nation.

Please watch a brief message from Susan G. Komen’s CEO Paula Schneider

Paula Schneider

3-Day Nation will be a new kind of 3-Day for everyone - one that is accessible to more people, with new ways to participate in local groups or teams, or as a single walker, knowing you’re never walking alone, connected to the larger 3-Day community through new experiences, new challenges, and new channels. We’ll use this unique opportunity to unite across the many communities we’ve walked through to build a stronger, bigger, and even more powerful 3-Day for years to come. With a fundraising minimum of $1,000, you can invite more people to join you in the Pink Bubble—friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers!

We’ll provide an event kit to support and celebrate your journey and your commitment so that you can create your own 3-Day the way you want to experience it. We’ll be sure to include your favorite elements of the Pink Bubble and we will have some innovative ways to engage beyond your basic Zoom. We’ll make sure you're connected to the community and have the opportunity to join others in person. The experience will provide you with all of the impact and inspiration you expect from the traditional 3-Day. Our promise to you? You will be embraced, celebrated, and cared for the “3-Day way.” In Mid-May, we will share more details about this new experience, and registration will open on June 15, 2021.

We are incredibly grateful to come together in-person in San Diego and also very excited to be able to offer 3-Day Nation in October to bring the 3-Day community together in a way like you’ve never seen before. Registration for 3-Day Nation will open on June 15, 2021. If you would like to join us in San Diego, register today!