2019 San Diego 3-Day

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2017 San Diego

Hands Up For Hooters

Hands Up For Hooters is primarily from the Sacramento Area.  We will be returning to San Diego for our 5th year in 2019. While we will also have walkers in Philly, Boston, Seattle and Dallas, the majority of our team will be coming back to San Diego - it's hard to stay away!

We begin our training in May, with scheduled training walks every weekend morning.  If you choose to join our team, you will be sent the year's schedule with exact locations and mileage of each walk.  We follow the suggested mileage Komen suggest pretty faithfully.  We have lots of themed walks - from historical tours, to art mural walks, and even a Lady Bird walk visiting the sites from the movie.  Our longest walks are typically in cool San Francisco - we even walk over the Golden Gate Bridge up to the Bay Bridge and back, along the Frisco waterfront!

We are an open and inclusive team, and welcome any who would like to train with us.  We prefer new walkers as our goal is to increase new money into the Komen Foundation, although we accept seasoned 3-Day'ers, as well. Our team has raised over $640,000 in our first 4 years, and hope to increase that amount by walking in multiple cities this year.  Over the 4 years, we have evloved as a positive, supportive, energetic group of men and women - the kind who will say YES to a challenge!

The team captain, Sally Dunbar, is a 14 year breast cancer survivor, as are many on our team.  We also walk Under The Wings of Wendi, our 1st year teammate who succumbed to breast cancer a few short months after the 2015 3-Day.

For more info on our team, feel free to email me at SDunbar@GoLyon.com.


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