2018 San Diego 3-Day

Team Walking On

Walking on the Moon by The Police
Giant steps are what you take
Walking on the moon
I hope my legs don't break
Walking on the moon
We could walk forever
Walking on the moon
We could live together
Walking on, walking on the moon

Walking back from your house
Walking on the moon
Feet they hardly touch the ground
Walking on the moon
My feet don't hardly make no sound
Walking on, walking on the moon
Some may say
I'm wishing my days away
No way
And if it's the price I pay
Some say
Tomorrow's another day
You stay
I may as well play
Keep it up, keep it up

Team Walking On started in Arizona 2005 and we have raised over $1 million! We are a diverse group of walkers and crew who have come together from all over the United States to support this cause and find a cure. 

We all have our own story of why we are walking or crewing, why we are taking that first giant step, why we are doing something that makes some people ask "you’re doing what???"

New team mates are always welcome so come join us as we take giant steps in the fight to end breast cancer; just click the link to join our team. If you are not able to join us on our journey, please support one of our team mates with a tax deductible donation.

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