2018 San Diego 3-Day

Hands Up For Hooters - 2017
Hands Up For Hooters - 2017

Hands Up For Hooters

We welcome you to join our team! Hands Up for Hooters is in our 4th year. As one of the largest teams walking in San Diego, we are proud that we have raised $530,000 for the Komen Foundation in 3 years.  But there is still a long way to go to reach to goal of ending death from breast cancer.

We're based in Fair Oaks, CA, on the outskirts of Sacramento. Our first year, 52 of the 57 walkers were new to the 3-Day. Our second year 90 of our members were new - the most the 3-Day has ever seen. We love to help and mentor new walkers to success. Initially, very few of our walkers believed they could really walk 20 miles, or raise $2300 - but THEY DID! The experience was life changing for many.

Team Captain Sally Dunbar learned first hand the power and importance of research when she was diagnosed with breast cancer twelve years ago. Her docs did not pick a treatment plan out of a hat. The plan was based on the results of years of research and clinical trials from the women before her. Research costs money. LOTS of money. Komen is the largest contributer to breast cancer research, studies and support in the world, next to the US government, which is why we support them. Every major breakthrough in breast cancer research has had support from Komen, and we want to be a part of that contribution.

For 2018, we will begin formal training in May, with 3 mile walks along our American River every Saturday and Sunday mornings, with an informative chat after Sunday's walks. We might talk about shoes, hydration, fundraising, breast cancer research, or what has inspired us to do this walk. We have a lofty goal - $250,000, which may be unreachable. But no big achievement has ever happened without a big goal - so we are going for it!

If you want to join us, sign up. Can you do it? Absolutely. If you put in the training time, you can walk 20 miles. If you reach out to your friends and family, you can raise $2300. If you join us you will find new friends and a new sense of accomplishment you never thought possible. You are bigger than you think you are, and we will help you discover that!

Thanks to the Komen orgainzation, who since 1982 has funded more than $847 million in research, more than $1.8 billion in screening, education, treatment and psychosocial support, and served millions in over 30 countries worldwide. Their dollars have helped support:

2400 research grants in 49 states and countries

460 clinical trials

300 research advocates

60 partnerships and collaborations

60 scientific conferences.

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