2018 San Diego 3-Day

2017 WWWFAC in San Diego
2017 WWWFAC in San Diego

Wild Women Walking for a Cure

(also see our team page at http://www.the3day.org/goto/WWWFAC2018Seattle)

Wild Women (Men and Teens) Walking for A Cure is a team that has had representation in Breast Cancer 3Day events since the first walk from Santa Barbara to Malibu in 1998. Three of the current WWWFAC walked in that first event because of a commitment to the cause and to take on the physical challenge. They came away from that experience both addicted and contagious…. Addicted to the amazing world that can be created in those 3 days …. And so contagious that now there is a collection of over 140 women, men, children (and one service dog) who trace their dedication and participation in the events to connections to one of those 3 women. WWWFAC team members are predominantly Southern California residents, and have mostly participated in Los Angeles and San Diego 3Days. However, there are WWWFAC members who travel to SoCal for the events from Northern CA, CO, GA, TX, PA, and MA, and there are WWWFAC who have walked and crewed in walks across the country. In total 362 WWWFAC walkers have participated in 35 events.

In the 2017 San Diego 3Day Walk, WWWFAC team members included 19 walkers and many alumni walker stalkers. WWWFAC walkers ranged in age from 24 to 74 and range in number of walks from newbies on their first walks to veterans with as many as 29 walks under their belts. Six of our walkers are second-generation WW/MWFAC. Five kick-ass survivors walked on the 2016 team, one of whom walked both Philadelphia and San Diego events. We all have been touched by breast cancer. Our shirts, journals, pins and our hearts bear the names of victims and survivors. We all hold a firm belief that we can eliminate breast cancer as a concern for our future generations.

Why “Wild Women”? Well, look for our distinctive, homemade pipe cleaner art headgear or our yellow shirts on Day 3 and then ask one of us how that name came about.
Go 3Day! Because everyone deserves a lifetime!
Please join us as we take on an incredible challenge. The Susan G. Komen 3-Day®isn’t just a 60-mile walk over the course of three days–it’s a journey to the end of breast cancer. We won't stop until breast cancer does.

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