2018 Philadelphia 3-Day

No More Goodbyes

Thank you for visiting Team No More Goodbyes. We are a team of men and women that have been walking together for 9 years. This team was created because we are tired of saying goodbye to the peope that we love and cherish because of breast cancer. Each year we try to walk in a different city. We have been so passionate about a city or two that we have walked it twice. Our team is a great mix of people that travel from all across the country to be together during this walk. My name is Kristina Libby. I am the captain of this team. I have had breast cancer twice and then suffered from congestive heart failure as a result of all the treatments that I received. We are a small team but we are mighty and we know how to have fun. We enjoy every second of our walks together. We enjoy the moments that we all get split up and meet other amazing people. At the end of the day we meet over dinner and tell stories of the brave men and women that we met during the day. We will never stop walking. Some years we have had 25 team members walking and some years we may only have 6. It all depends on where and when the walk is. Our goal is to keep on walking so that our children will never have to because a cure has been found..

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