2018 Philadelphia 3-Day

We. Will. Never. Give. Up.
We. Will. Never. Give. Up.

Girls Gone Walking

Girls Gone Walking is firmly into its second decade of participation in the Philadelphia 3-Day. Over the years the names and faces have changed, shifted roles, taken a hiatus, moved on. We’ve seen teammates marry and become parents. We’ve welcomed teammates from far-off states and have traveled to participate in other cities’ 3-Days. We’ve experienced teammates’ struggles with health issues as well as thriving under extraordinary circumstances. Through it all, the spirit of love and caring among team members remains unchanged. Once you’ve been a part of this team in any capacity, you are forever a part of this team.

Our team is not what we wear, how old we are, what 3-Day role we play, or how fast we walk. We are walkers and crew, female and male, youth and “life experienced.” What makes Girls Gone Walking a TEAM is how we feel about each other, that special bond that unites us in a common cause and encourages each one of us to look out for each other. We may not walk together at the same pace at the same time – we may not even see each other very much on event -- but somehow each one of us manages to spend some special time with every other team member. We make lasting memories together, and we come back for more year after year.

Over the past 12 years, Girls Gone Walking has raised over $240,000 dollars to fight breast cancer. We are not finished because cancer is still wrecking havoc on far too many people. You don’t have to be a girl, and you don’t have to be a walker to join us and share our goal:

A desire to bring breast cancer to its knees!

Please support us in our efforts to win the battle against the evil that is breast cancer. While we appreciate your love and good wishes as we train for and walk 60 miles, it is your dollars that can make a tangible difference to those hearing the words "you have breast cancer."

Please click on any team member's name to make a donation...

YOU can make a difference!

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