2018 Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day

Boxing Babes Round 12



"We wanna do something that matters, say something different….something that sets the whole
world on it's ear: We wanna do something better, with the time we've been given…and leave
nothing less than something that says we were here."

Boxing Babes team started in 2007 by several 3day walkers. Since that time we have grown and
accomplished a lot through a variety of fundraising events raising over $1,477,710.There's still more work to be done and our ultimate goal, a cure for breast cancer. And so we continue to walk,raise money and awareness because everyone deserves a lifetime.

Our team consists of survivors, men and women of all ages, walkers and crew, veteran and first
time walkers, friends and complete strangers, all shapes and sizes coming together to make a difference
We continue to believe in a world without breast cancer and wish for no family to have to endure the
pain of losing someone before they have lived out their lifetime

Please support us on our journey. You can walk with us, cheer for us, donate to us and pray for us.
We welcome new members. Join our team, you can make it better and stronger.

We are stepping into the ring,
Putting on our gloves,
Lacing up our shoes
Knocking out breast Cancer,
One step at a time,
One dollar at a time



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