2018 Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day

not a doubt in our minds!!!
not a doubt in our minds!!!

Twinkle Toes

8th year in a row = 4 "teamies" - old friends - 2 tents, 4 hot pink duffel bags, 4 hats, 4 sets of shoe bows, 2 mamas to honor and two survivors...  it sounds like a serious plan and we always have fun - the team has shrunk and expanded over the years - sometimes it's bigger, sometimes it's smaller, sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes life just sucks but we all manage to gather together again, laugh in the tents until we are sick, get up in the middle of the night at o'dark hundred because we've hydrated to the point that dawn is just tooooooo long to wait, always curse trying to pack up in the dark on sunday morning (sometimes with rain "helping" us), waiting for saturday dinner which is always mac & cheese and is truly one of the best meals ever presented to anybody, seeing the doggers along route all dressed in pink, the kids at the elementary schools on friday all cheering us on - and the immediate slathering of hand sanitizer after we get past them because we know where those dear little hands have been.  deflated air mattresses, packing about 1/2 of the gear we packed on the first adventure because we've learned better, helping other "new kids" along the way with tips and tricks and watching their eyes light up when you pay it forward with a 33 gallon black garbage bag to keep their duffel bag dry and safe from the rain...it's all about helping those making their first incredible journey  while raising the most $$ you can for a great cause and because we KNOW we can do this thing because we've done it before.

we hope you will consider supporting Twinkle Toes as we forge on into yet another incredible journey thru the "wilds" of Dallas' environs and we thank you for all your kindness!!!

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