2017 Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day

Yes We Are More Than Pink!!!
Yes We Are More Than Pink!!!

Team Twinkle Toes

We Are More Than Pink - we are every color, we walk for every color and we keep on walking because it is very personal to all of us!!  Two mothers of team members, a team member herself - it's very, very personal.

We sleep in pink tents, we patch up our feet and legs and toes, we drag duffel bags from California to Texas and we train for miles and miles and miles and we consider it an honor to be able to do that because we know a lot of people who can't.

We appreciate every single good thought, every single pat on the back, every single wish for a job well done as those make our hearts sing.  We really truly appreciate every single dollar you donate because that all goes to making this planet a place without breast cancer in the future and in the present - those donations help families and patients travel the journey towards health.

We are celebrating year 6 as team twinkle toes or as we've been named T3.  We are celebrating the fact that we can walk, we are fighting for an end to breast cancer and we are basking in the incredible knowledge that we have an army who has our back, who lifts us up and gives us strength and who make a mere 60 mile stroll and a million training miles a priviledge and an honor.

thanks for your support - it is so appreciated!!!

Sandy Wright Durr, Lori Bryant Bylsma and Lois Mouriski Bear

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