2017 Atlanta 3-Day

Hope - the inspirational stories of 3 day participants
Hope - the inspirational stories of 3 day participants

Big Ol Shantys

Join us as we take on an incredible challenge. The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® isn’t just a 60-mile walk over the course of three days–it’s a journey to the end of breast cancer. We won't stop until breast cancer does. We walk so others can live!


Please support us through a donation or join our team and walk with us!  If you'd like to purchase our Book of Hope, please make a $25 donation to Corri Green and type the message Hope Book.

Inspiration for our book of Hope:

Listening to our associates share their experience at last years 3-day, I had an idea. Although each person had their own unique meaningful expression of their experience, each said how meaningful it was to hear stories from other partcipants. Strangers coming together to share why they walked and what the event meant to them. I decided to spend a day talking to walkers and volunteers asking those two questions. The answers became our book of Hope, a Pacesetter fundraiser to support our Big Ol Shantys and a source of inspiration to those who read the stories. As people shared stories with me, I could see this project was also an opportunity for a healing process to take place. It was truly a moving and meaningful process. - Jeff Fain



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