2014 Philadelphia 3-Day

XTU Xtra Mile



Do you want to join Doc & Andie's Andie Summers and XTU promotions guru Special K as well as thousands of other women and men to make a difference?  Not only for you, but for your children and their children ...

Join our team as we take on breast cancer one step at a time (and there are a lot of steps!).  The XTU Xtra Mile Team is made up of Pink Warriors from all over the Delaware Valley.  Join with a friend or make one along the way.  All are welcome in our group!

Throughout the training season you will have the opportunity to fund raise at XTU events to help you reach your goal!





XTU Xtra Mile Raised
Milestone Andie Summers $535.00
Milestone Ashley Ball $2,300.00
Jean Borysowski $0.00
Jill Borysowski $0.00
Milestone Cameron Brown $2,335.00
Milestone Kirstin Brown $2,353.00
Milestone Bernadette Carter $585.00
Milestone Natalie Contento $1,049.00
Milestone JUNE CUSACK $2,310.00
Milestone rochelle garcia $5,080.00
Donna-Marie Gentekos-Hyland $0.00
Milestone Chris Giebel $1,184.00
Milestone Izabelle Gomes $115.00
Milestone Katrina Hatfield $1,525.00
Milestone Karin Kane $2,300.00
Milestone Vicki Leary $2,520.00
Shawn Matteo $0.00
Milestone Carolyn Miller $2,300.00
Milestone Kaylyn O'Connor $2,370.00
Milestone Betty Olmstead $2,430.00
Milestone Diane Palmer $500.00
Milestone Jacqueline Sallade $3,130.00
Milestone Melissa Schultz $854.00
Milestone Patti Tannozzini $2,300.00
Milestone Ronald Wagner $3,075.00
Milestone Diane Wolf $570.00
Denotes a Team Captain