Year Four - This is why I walk...fight with me.

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This is why we they won't have to
This is why we they won't have to

Please support me as I take an amazing journey in the fight to end breast cancer! The Susan G. Komen 3-Day is a 60-milejourney over the course of three days. I will be takingthis journey alongwith 4,000 + daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sons and father --who believe in one thing, it's time to find a cure to end breast cancer.

I walk because I've seen the heartache, I've seen the pain, I've wiped away the tears.

I walk because I've had to hold the hands, I've had to listen to the diagnosis, I've had to make sense of horrible news.

I walk because my Grandmother was taken from my family and I- too soon.

Breast Cancer took my grandmother's life...

This is my fourth year walking- I've lost friends, I've lost colleagues, I've lost family...too soon.

This is a movement, a movement to END breast cancer for good. It's a movement filled with pink tutus, pink feather boas, pink beads, pink stickers and pink pins. It's a movement filled with faith, commitment, and love. It's a movement where we dance, laugh, share stories and even shed a few tears- the energy is something you can't deny- it's a movement to walk 60 miles in 3 days with people who believe in the same thing, that the fight for breast cancer needs to end NOW.

Family & Friends, thanks for continuing this fight with me...



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