Help me celebrate turning 50....Lets wipe out Breast Cancer.

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I wasn't going to walk this year because of moving to Montana and all the cost of flying home but an amazing thing happened and it reminded me of how special this event was and how VERY important it is. Kirstin Brown a family friend decided she wanted to do this. She is only a 15 and I didn't think she would stick with it, but boy did she. Kirstin raised over $7000.00 to help with this cause. Since she is a minor she can't walk without an adult that she knows. So I am her adult. She made me get excited about walking 60 miles, sleeping on the ground in Philly and torture my body again. It will all be worth it just to save one life.

Without the support of my family and friends I know I wouldn't have made it this far. Breast Cancer not only affect the person but their families. It has to be stopped.Please join me and my family in stopping this horrible disease and donate today. Help end the fight. Don't let this disease effect your wife, mother, daughter, sister, or aunt.




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