2013 Philadelphia 3-Day

Breast Friends of Pennsylvania

   Four years ago a young daughter founded this team to give support to her mother who is a survivor. Family does that, gives support and stands by you in the face of adversity. Since it began all of our members have united for one goal, to raise awareness and to find a cure for breast cancer. Everyone on our team has been touched in someway by this disease. We have daughters and sons participating for their mothers, husbands participating for their wives, sisters, brothers, friends, fathers…the list is endless. Some of us are here for the warriors others to honor their angels but all of us are here for a cure. Together we walk, crew, fundraise and fight for a world without breast cancer! Many of the team members came to Breast Friends of Pennsylvania as first time walkers who were lost and looking for a sense of belonging. Others brought whole teams with them because we know that together we are stronger, together we are unstoppable!
 Participating in the SGK 3 Day is our way of celebrating those close to us who have fought and won the battle against breast cancer. It is also our way of honoring those who have earned their wings. We are united to create a better future for our children and for ourselves. We fundraise as a unit always making sure that those who want to walk can because we are not here for personal glory we are here to make a difference and to raise awareness. As a result not only has the number of our team soared, but so has the amount of money we have raised. This spirit and commitment has created more then a top fundraising team. It has created a family. Our team came together and united not just for the 3Day but also for a lifetime of support, love and unity.
 We welcome first time walkers and anyone who believes that together we make a difference. We know that the passion that we bring to this cause has guided our survivors to never give up and those of us who are honoring pink angels to never give in, because losing is not an option. We know that no matter what life throws our way we will endure it together. We will continue to fundraise and to fight, to laugh and yes cry, until we can stand together in a world without breast cancer. Together we survive. Together, we are a fundraising machine because we are not just Breast Friends we are best friends.

Breast Friends of Pennsylvania Raised
Milestone Vivian Vega Schoch $135.00
Milestone Shawn Schoch $100.00
Milestone Sherry Bayda $2,300.00
Milestone Abby Bennethum $2,244.00
Milestone Carl Benson $2,381.30
Jean Borysowski $140.00
Jill Borysowski $5.00
Cheryl Boucher $5.00
Ray Buckley $5.00
Milestone Gretchen Collins $2,395.00
Milestone Robin Collison $2,336.00
Milestone Julie Copaken $21,716.00
Milestone Joyce Fox $2,605.00
Milestone Melissa Frisoli $3,800.00
Milestone Jane Glynn $620.00
Milestone Katie Guevara $2,350.00
Milestone Jennifer Herman $1,236.63
Mickey Hewes $16.00
Milestone Jennifer Holbrook $2,370.00
Milestone Brelyn Howard $2,345.00
Milestone Dawn Ingrassia $2,748.00
Milestone Allison Jackson $620.62
Milestone Stuberto Jessop $502.00
Brian Joyce $5.00
Milestone Lauren Joyce $2,435.00
Milestone Gregory Kobol $1,785.00
Ed Kosmowski $10.00
Milestone Susan Kulick $3,035.03
Lynn Landry $5.00
Milestone Mary Elaine Limbert $2,300.00
Theresa Lowe $25.00
Milestone Katelyn Ludascher $2,505.00
Milestone LORI MCCOY $2,146.00
Allison McCullough $10.00
Milestone Shannon McKeon $5,241.70
Milestone Rick Meehl $3,160.00
Milestone Andrea Miller $3,720.00
Brandon Miller $0.00
michelle miller $0.00
Milestone Carmen Moreno $2,335.00
Milestone Cherrill Pilone $2,736.00
Milestone Verna Pomar $2,815.00
Jane Potter $105.00
Larry Roshfeld $5.00
Meghan Seltzer $0.00
Michael Seltzer $0.00
Milestone Barbara Shepherd $2,300.00
Milestone John Slosarik $2,407.50
Milestone Sharon Slosarik $2,388.50
Thonnie Smith $115.00
Lisa Stevens $0.00
Rosaria Stoops $60.00
Lauren Swope-Seleyo $75.00
Judy Waters $5.00
Milestone Deanna Witzel $2,565.00
Denotes a Team Captain

Breast Friends of Pennsylvania

107 percent of goal achieved.

Goal:  $120,000.00
Achieved: $128,845.13