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Me and my boys!
Me and my boys!

On April 30th, 2012 at age 37, I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. Over the course of eight months I endured every suggested treatment that could aid in ridding my body of this horrific disease. The first procedure was a seven hour surgery to complete a bi-lateral mastectomy.  Followed by a second procedure to have a port inserted into my chest so I could receive four months of the most aggressive chemotherapy regiment available in the United States, the worst of which has been nick named the Red Devil. I lost all of my hair, eyebrows and even my eyelashes. I will never forget the moment my three year old son, tears in his eyes, asked me when I would have hair again. Chemotherapy was then followed by thirty-four radiation treatments. I have one more surgery to go, reconstruction. The surgery is scheduled 106 days before I will walk sixty miles in three days, sixty miles in the most aggressive breast cancer event ever, sixty miles that represents my passage from stricken to survivor. I will take 120,000 steps with a group of the most amazing women one could ever know, including my sister. Our goal is simple, to raise $50,000.00 and help find the cure for breast cancer!

Please help team Cureators raise $50,000.00 towards the ultimate goal; finding the cure.

One of the hardest moments in my journey was delivering my diagnosis to my family. My mother, the kindest and most generous soul I have ever known is battling Glioblastoma, a terminal form of brain cancer. My father, who has become an amazing care taker to my mother, was devastated once again by my cancer diagnosis. I imagine all parents feel the same type of devastation when their child's life is threatened. In fact, as a parent myself when I questioned why me?, I simply reminded myself that things could be far, far worse. My son, Cooper could have been the one with cancer. I am so thankful and forever grateful, it was me instead.  

Please help team Cureators spare others, including our youth from future cancer.

My father asked me the day I gave him the terrible news, why you Stac? I responded, dad it is within my body, I am the carrier, but make no mistake cancer happens to and devastates us all. So on August 16th I will walk sixty miles for my mother, my father, for my loving husband and family. I will walk for our friends, neighbors and co-workers that continue to support us. I will walk sixty miles for my four year old son who knows far too much of cancer. I will be walking sixty miles in honor of those struck by cancer. I will be walking sixty miles for you, in the hopes that you and your family never feel the pain and suffering cancer can cause.

Together, we will find the cure! Please consider making a generous donation, for me, my walking team, for you and for every person; because everyone deserves a lifetime.

Your compassion and generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Stacy Adams (Survivor)

Net proceeds from the Komen 3-Day support ground breaking research and scientific programs as well as grants for education, screening and treatment programs at both the national and local level.



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