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My cousin Kristen, me, and my aunt on race day. Race for the Cure 2012
My cousin Kristen, me, and my aunt on race day. Race for the Cure 2012

My name is Toni and I'm from Sioux City, IA. I'm a full time student majoring in psychology with a sociology and history minor. After college, I'd like to work with cancer patients and their families.
I grew up without a father, so my grandma, aunt, and mom were my support group.My aunt Theresa was the big sister I never had. I was very influenced by her growing up, and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29, it was devastating. Because she didn't have children and wasn't married, I was almost like a daughter to her. I went with her to her appointments and lived with her on my summer breaks from college. At one point, the Dr. found tumors in her brain, and I will never forget that moment crying with her in the office. When she lost her hair from chemo, I was the one that shaved it for her. Our first Komen race was in 2010, and we had a big group of "Theresa's Troops" in attendance. We also attended in 2011 and 2012. The race in May 2012 was her last. She was unable to organize everything herself, so I was the team captain. I pushed her the 5k in her wheelchair. She wore a pink wig, pink slippers, and held a pink wand. When she passed less than one month later, I was by her side holding her hand. That night, I made a promise to myself to do anything in my power to prevent others from feeling the same pain I felt.

I'm trying to raise money for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. There is a minimum donation amount of 2,300 per person. My best friend and I are going together, and are trying to raise money to go. The walk is November 1-3 and is 60 miles in the 3 day span. The money raised from this goes to breast cancer research and a small amount goes to the local affiliate for medical grants for clinics. At the 3-Day event, I was nominated and chosen to hold the 'My Aunt' flag in hermemory at the opening/closing ceremonies.I'm honored tobe a part of this ceremony..At the local 2012 race, I'll never forget a runner that came up to usand said to my aunt "You look beautiful, honey. Don't quit fighting." For me, that's what thiscause is all about. It's hope to find a cure, courage to fight, and inspiring others to beat cancer and get involved.

If you support me on this endeavor, it would mean more than you could ever imagine. Holding a flag and being able to recognize my aunt's fight in that way would be an incredible honor. This experience with my best friend would be eye-opening, and validate all my hard work for fundraising for a cure. I would meet new friends interested in the same goal of finding a cure, and learn of new ways to help breast cancer patients. I know that my aunt would have loved to participate in this event if she would have been able, and I'd be overjoyed to take her place in this 3-Day event.

There isn't much I can personally give you for donating to my cause, except the knowledge that I will not stop raising money to find a cure for breast cancer. I will forever be helping cancer centers with fundraising and inspiring others to become involved in the community.

I hope you find this cause to be worth donating, and if you do, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Please share my story and help me reach my goal to help end breast cancer forever. Thank you again!

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