Join me in the fight against breast cancer. As Lee Giller said in a Get Started Meeting--we are his hope!!

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Please support me as I take an amazing journey in the fight to end breast cancer! Read on!! This is my 6th walk! I originally began this walk to honor my aunt, Phyllis Lincon Brinson who lost her battle with breast cancer, and my mom's 85 year old twin sister Sara May, who has had a recurrence after a 20 year remission. When I started training, I used the 3day message boards to find someone to train with--and Kathy and Lee Giller and I found each other!! We have become the best of friends, and I am honored to be a 6 year member of the team "Breast Man Walking"! We walk to find a cure, as well as to raise awareness about male breast cancer. Our team namesake is Lee Giller, a male breast cancer survivor. Their daughter, Pam is also a survivor. This year is particularly signficant to me, because after 7 years of remission, Lee's breast cancer has returned, and he is fighting again. So, please support me as I fight for Lee, and Pam, and my Aunt Sara, and our daughters, and your mom, and your father, and your friend, and all of those affected by this disease. I will train, and I will walk the 60 miles, if you will support my efforts. Together, we can find a cure!! Thank you! Thank you!!

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