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Me and Dad - BRCA1 Buddies
Me and Dad - BRCA1 Buddies

This year will mark my family's 8th year walking in the 3-Day - 8 years since Dad was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Dad's diagnosis led to doctor's discovering he carries the BRCA1 gene which put him at high risk for breast cancer. Within a short time, my brother, uncle and I, also tested positive. Fast forward to 2010, Dad's feeling much better and I'm less than a year into a happy marriage when the doctor finds early stage breast cancer on a routine breast exam. After a double mastectomy and resconstruction, our family was glad to put this disease behind us and move forward. But breast cancer wasn't done with us. Last winter, after developing a persistent cough, a chest scan revealed that Dad's cancer had been quietly moving through his body since his first diagnosis. 


Despite his diagnosis, Dad has signed up to walk the 3-Day this year. Numb feet from chemo, fatigue and illness are not nearly enough to keep him from putting one foot in front of another for this cause. Please stand with our family this year as we walk together toward a cure.




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