2013 Philadelphia 3-Day

XTU Xtra Mile

Join a winning team! This will be our 9th-year 3-Day-ing, and we've raised over $700,000 for breast cancer research and awareness. Our team is made up of men and women from all over the Delaware Valley who are committed to finding a cure.

If you can't join us, then feel free to drop a couple bucks in the account of someone here who needs it. Every dollar is one step closer to a cure. Thank you.

God bless!

XTU Xtra Mile Raised
Milestone Andie Summers $5,013.00
Milestone Jamie Benckert $3,610.00
Milestone Brenda Bradford $2,550.00
Milestone Kirstin Brown $5,380.00
Milestone Natalie Contento $2,325.00
Milestone Linda Franks $3,000.00
Milestone Donna-Marie Gentekos-Hyland $300.00
Milestone Chris Giebel $2,300.00
Milestone Megan Giebel $2,655.00
Milestone Izabelle Gomes $2,318.00
Milestone Katrina Hatfield $2,825.00
Milestone Jennifer Kane $300.00
Milestone Vicki Leary $555.00
Milestone Carolyn Miller $2,300.00
KelleyAnn Morris $0.00
Kaylyn O'Connor $250.00
Michael O'Connor $80.00
Milestone Diane Palmer $2,300.00
Milestone Colleen Resch $2,300.00
Milestone Roxanne Ross $2,345.80
Milestone Wendy Ross $2,300.00
Milestone Anna Sulpizio $2,500.00
Milestone Denise Sulpizio $2,650.00
Milestone Patti Tannozzini $4,225.00
Milestone Ronald Wagner $1,730.00
Milestone Diane Wolf $2,317.00
Denotes a Team Captain

FUN-Raising at the Anniversary Show
FUN-Raising at the Anniversary Show

XTU Xtra Mile

81 percent of goal achieved.

Goal:  $75,000.00
Achieved: $60,936.80