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Use the Participant Center to help you with fundraising, training, planning, and more!

Fundraising Tips & Tools
For some participants, fundraising feels like a daunting task. And while many are surprised by how easy fundraising can be, we are here to make sure you have the necessary tools to make the biggest impact in the fight to end breast cancer. From the fundraising idea library to sample letters you can personalize with your own information, from the Facebook app to posters, business cards and other handouts, we’ve got you covered. Before you know it, you’ll have reached your goal and be ready to walk!

Training Tips & Tools
Every year, women and men of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities have successfully completed the Komen 3-Day. And you can too, but you must train to walk those 60 miles. Your Participant Center offers a range of tips and tools, including the Virtual Personal Trainer, information on shoe, sock and clothing selection, access to local training walks where you can meet other walkers, and even food tips for diabetic and vegetarian diets.

Message Boards & 3-Day Friend Finder
One of the best attributes of the 3-Day is its loving and helpful community of walkers, crew members and volunteers. As a registered participant, you’ll have access to the message boards where you can ask other participants for advice or tips on a variety of topics, as well as the 3-Day Friend Finder. This list allows you to search for other participants to train with or just correspond with prior to the event.

Your Next Steps
Registered participants receive regular emails from the 3-Day with timely tips, tools and suggestions. Your Participant Center provides access to these emails in case you get behind or need reminders on how to stay on track.

Preparing for the 3-Day takes a lot of work. In addition to fundraising and training, you’ll also need to prepare for the walk itself and for camping. Luckily, all participants have access to a list of Outfitters, which are local businesses that have agreed to offer advice and special discounts for 3-Day participants.


Next Steps

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