Neighborhood Raffle & Bake Sale

Neighborhood Raffle & Bake Sale
Neighborhood Raffle & Bake Sale

This is a win-win situation for you and the small businesses in your area-they help you fundraise and you help them advertise!

I live in a neighborhood with many men and women who run small businesses or who work out of their home. About 3 weeks prior to our date, I used Facebook (not just my own page-I went to the yard sale sites and others w/large following) and email and told people I would be doing a fundraising raffle and asked if they wanted to donate product.

The response was overwhelming-friends who didn't have anything seemed to know someone who would! I agreed to put their name and website info on my FB page and I placed an ad in the local online newspaper, also including their names as sponsors.

I also asked around the neighborhood for bake sale donations-who doesn't want to show off their baking skills? I bought a roll of raffle tickets from amazon for less than $5

We set up next to our local gas station on a Saturday morning and put up signs. Tickets were priced so that the more you bought, the cheaper it was. It was SO MUCH FUN!

People bought anywhere from 1-100 tickets, then walked slowly around the tables deciding what to enter them in. We had everything from AmEx Gift Cards, autographed books, Mindy Gledhill autographed a CD, we had a police officer donate a Concealed Weapons Permit course, there was something for everyone.

We raised about $300 in a total of about 10 hours of work. It was alot of fun to announce the winners on Facebook and I have had many people say, "oh if you do it again, I will donate something!" We really had a great time!


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