4th of July Fundraising ideas

4th of July Fundraising ideas
4th of July Fundraising ideas

10 great, easy ideas that you can use for the upcoming 4th of July holiday or tweek for any holiday or birthday occasion.

  1. Host a 4th of July Boob-A-Que - your typical BBQ with shisk-ka-boobs, grilled chicken breasts, melon balls, a pink ribbon cake or cupcakes and of course a treasure chest for donations.
  2. Buy inexpensive sparklers and sell individual ones with a pink ribbon & your personal business/donation card for $1.00 each.
  3. Put together a kid friendly "fireworks" basket to raffle.
  4. Set up at a 4th of July parade and sell themed goodies; cookies, cupcakes, dipped fruits, etc.
  5. Social media idea post a picture of an American flag and sell the stars & stripes for a $5 or $10 donation. Updated the flag with colored in stars & stripes as you receive additional donations.
  6. Organize a community bike parade - charge a minimal entry fee as a donation and all riders can decorate their bicycle to ride in the parade. Possibly offer a small prize or prizes for best decorated bike.
  7. Get crafty - set up at a local parade with your 4th of July themed crafts.
  8. Red, white & blue hair feathers - another idea that can be sold at a local parade.
  9. 4th of July Photo Booth - decorate a 4th of July backdrop and offer to take pictures that can be emailed or printed for a minimum donation.
  10. Play on numbers - In honor of Andrew Jackson make a $20 donation, in honor of Benjamin Franklin make a $100 donation. Our country is 137 years old, donate a $1 for each year or a birthday gift to our country in any amount you choose. Make a donation in increments of 4's. You get the idea, use your imagination to collect those donations!


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