Kindred Spirits 3 Day Walk team members are told to ask everyone, because you never know who will give or why.

Send a specific request to contact info of businesses.

"You never know who will give." a quote from my Kindred Spirits 3-Day Walk team lead that turned out to be ever so true.

So through out our area here in Seattle, there is a business that in their advertising shows pictures of the owner ,his business slogan and then there is almost always a breast cancer ribbon. This includes the large delivery trucks that sit in front of one of his stores.

I took a chance and sent an email to his business "contact us" info from his website.

First, I thanked him for supporting the cause with his advertising and I specifically asked him to consider donating a $120.00 to fund a free mammogram for a person who could not afford it. He had no idea who I was, so I sent him the link to my 3-Day site so he could verify all the info. Then honestly I kinda forgot about it knowing it might be a long shot.

Two days later while checking my email I got a donation notification.....after looking at it 3 times I finally realized it was real. The owner had donated HALF of what I needed to reach my goal... What an amazing gift !

After rereading his website I found out that his mother is a 30 year survivor of breast cancer and he gives Susan. G. Komen credit for supporting her fight. I didn't read this till after his donation. WOW!

ASK just ASK is all I can say.
You never know who will give or what may happen if you do. :)


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